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Professional Rooftop Solar Power System Installation in Perth


Thanks to the years of experience and some of the best technicians and electrical engineers, Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd is one of the most prominent names, when it comes to the installation of rooftop solar power systems in Perth.

Perth is one of those Aussie cities with clear blue skies and sunny days throughout the year. With more than 8 hours of intense sunlight, Perth has the best climate to make the most of solar energy. We pride to state that at Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd, we have the most experienced and technically sound team, which, upon being hired, will help you in every possible way to take advantage of this ideal climate by installation, repair, and maintenance of an upgrade of rooftop solar systems in Perth.

Besides, we are also a name that will come up with the best solar panels in Perth along with solar battery storage at a cost-effective price, so much so that when you put faith in us, you get the best service at the best price from the market!

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What Makes Rooftop Solar Panels Such an Instant Hit in Today's Context?


They are environment-friendly: One of the most remarkable advantages of using solar energy is that they have not contributed to increasing the carbon footprint. They do not pose any threat to the environment or are never a cause of global warming.

They help in cost saving: Except the installation cost, which is a one-time cost (and at Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd, we install the panels at a pretty affordable rate) there is no such cost involved, save for occasional repair and maintenance cost, which is not at all exorbitant. And more importantly, they help in the reduction of power bills.

They can be installed pretty easily: Installation of rooftop solar panels is a pretty easy job and more so, for the highly skilled techies that we have, it’s a cakewalk.

They need a very low voltage: Solar energy utilises a very low voltage, being available in 2 variants – 12 and 24 volts DC.

Renewable Energy: Solar is renewable energy and hence, it always has an edge over any other form of energy.

What Makes Us Different?


When it comes to opting for solar, you need to have the very best technicians whom you can count on for a seamless installation of rooftop solar panels in Perth. With a formidable experience and skill set to our credit, access to and knowledge of the very latest state of the art tools and techniques, and with an entirely customer-centric approach that will cater to your tailor-made needs before anything else, we at Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd are the best and the most suitable name you can put your faith in.

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We have always been one of the most preferred names in rooftop solar system installation in Perth, thanks to our reasonable cost of service and an array of value additions that we have for our customers. To know them and to get a quote from us, CONTACT US now!


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