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Economic, Eco-friendly, and Efficient Air Conditioning Services in Perth, Australia

A long and extremely hot summer isn’t easy to spend without an air conditioner. Our expert team makes your life comfortable with effective air conditioning services at your reach. Being one of the admiringly trusted air conditioning service providers, Tanway provides services such as AC installation, maintenance, and after-service care.  Our highly qualified team helps you find the accurate system to get permanent relief from the unbearable summer heat.

What We Do

Air Conditioning

At Tanway, we engage in adopting the 3 E’s:  Economic, Eco-friendly, and Efficient Air Conditioning services that provide unparalleled outcomes in terms of endurance and efficiency. Our specialized professionals conduct hassle-free installation with compliance with all the safety standards. We utilize thoughtfully picked and well-researched equipment that maintains optimum energy and functional efficiency. Our team understands your needs based on the project, budget, aesthetic factors, and service schedule to deliver the best. 

Ducted Air Conditioning

One central location sends air through ducts to heat/cool all the rooms, which enables uniform temperature setting for every room. Ducted AC can function cost-effectively in more than two zones— for instance, working in bedrooms at night and living rooms in the morning.

Single Split Air Conditioning

A split air conditioner system is one of the quietest, cleanest, and versatile air conditioning that suits residential projects well. This AC has its indoor unit on the wall, floor, or even in the ceiling, and an outdoor unit with refrigerant pipework and electrical wiring connection.

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Multi-Split Air Conditioning

This system facilitates individual air conditioning in every room. All fan coil units indoors are set in one mode for heating /cooling purposes. This saves your costs and gives the ultimate comfort while air conditioning rooms only when needed. 


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