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Customised Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation in Brisbane


Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd is one of the most coveted names that offers flawless installations of customised roof solar panels in Brisbane, thereby helping the residents to make the most of the bright sunshine that Queensland capital enjoys all through the year. Indeed, no matter whether you are residing in an individual house, an apartment, a condo, or any other type of property, we have the experience and knowledge designing and installing solar panels that will suit any type of roof and your specific needs!

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Methodical Approach

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1st Step: Inspection of Roof: Strictly speaking, our service starts with inspecting the roof of your property. We would determine the size of your roof, its tilt, and angle thereof, and the material it is made up of. We will thoroughly assess its condition to ascertain its level of sustainability of the weight of the solar panel structure. It will also help us to gauge the suitability for the panels and design accordingly a feasible solar array.

2nd Step: Analysis of Electrical Demand: To ensure that we can design an appropriate solar panel that meets your electrical demand adequately, our team of highly competent, qualified, and experienced electricians and engineers will investigate the trend of your energy usage. This will give us a crystal clear notion about your power requirement trends and draw up a plan accordingly.

3rd Step: Designing the solar panels: Once we have a clear understanding of your energy needs, we will come up with effective design of the solar energy system that will suffice your needs and maximise your savings. Following the completion of the design, we will present you the quote along with a clear-cut explanation of what precisely you need, and why!

4th Step: The Installation: Once the design is done with, and you have agreed on the quote, our specialists will begin the installation, which will involve the installation of the frame, the solar panels, the inverter, and the solar batteries. Once done, our techies will integrate the system with your home’s electric system flawlessly.

And all throughout, we keep you in the loop so that you know what is being done and why! And it’s not just installation of solar panels that we deal with! We conduct cleaning, repair and maintenance jobs and also upgrade the system, if and when needed. So you see, we are practically a one-stop solution to your solar power needs!

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Therefore you see, when you put money on Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd what you have is a picture-perfect installation of a rooftop solar panel system that will flawlessly meet your needs. So what puts you in dilemma? CONTACT US now and see how we add the new age tinge to your home!!


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