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High-Quality Installation of Residential Solar Panel System in Brisbane


When it comes to the installation of residential solar power systems in Brisbane, Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd is one of the best and most coveted names, offering an absolutely spotless high-quality solar energy installation service at an affordable rate. And it’s not just installation that our service is limited to! We also offer repair and maintenance of the solar panel systems and upgrade them if and when needed in Brisbane! In short, we come up with a complete package that meets the bespoke needs of our clients!

We are home to a team of technicians and engineers who are the best in the business in terms of knowledge, experience, and qualification. All of them are licenced to come up with some unparalleled solar system service to meet your bespoke power needs. Indeed, we are your one-stop solution of installation, repair, and maintenance of high-quality solar panels, which are aided by the very latest, state of the art inverters and other accessories.

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We are Transparent

Why Do We Score Over Other Service Providers?


Even though we come up with the very best residential solar panel installation in Brisbane we would never tag an exorbitant price against our service. Our cost of service is always modest so that the access to this very useful and eco-friendly energy source does not remain confined to the upper sect of the society.

We are transparent, and it is this transparency, coupled with a pro-customer approach and cost-effectiveness, that has been the cornerstone of our success and fame as a provider of home solar power panel system installation in Brisbane.

Indeed, once you express your interest to buy a residential solar panel system for your home in Brisbane, our experts would take time to explain in detail the right kind of solar panels, the size of the system, its configuration, and the accessories you would need! And this is an obligation-free service, which will help you to have a clear idea of what precisely you need – and why!!

Complete Range of Solar Services

We Offer the One-stop Solution That’s Included in the Package!


Yes! You will not get too many companies doing this! At Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd, we do not just offer home solar energy system installation in Brisbane! We would offer the complete range of solar services, which include solar panel cleaning and other maintenance works, repairs as well as system analysis, and of course upgrading the system, if and when it is needed. Thus when you have put money on us, you are assured of a spotless installation and maintenance of domestic solar power systems in Brisbane.

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