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Off-Grid Solar Technology

At Tanway, we are more than excited to offer you state of the art, ‘off-grid solar technology’ which is achieved in collaboration with renowned brands like SMA, Selectronics and Victron. With a scientific approach to find the best solution to your problem, our experts help you to enjoy the freedom from hefty electric bills. As the pioneers in solar technology, we understand that, providing best quality products alone wouldn’t suffice and therefore is our best in market warranty and post sales service.

Energy Independence

No more power bills! Enjoy your independence from the grid with our off-grid solar systems. Whenever you are located, rest easy with the
knowledge that you have all the power you need in your hands.

Custom Design

We measure and analyse your power profile and usage statistics and design a stand-alone off-grid system that is the right fit for your home. With its battery storage and backup generators, you are never short of power.

Reliable and Durable

We use Tier-1 solar panels from top manufacturers, deep-cycle batteries and backup generators to ensure utmost reliability and durability, for a long lasting hassle free experience.

Live Off the Grid

An off-grid system, is a complete self-sustaining package to generate, store and deliver your own renewable energy. An Off-grid Solar System, will cut all ties to the Grid. Unlike a grid-tied system, an off-grid solar system relies on the electricity produced by your solar panels alone. Any excess energy is stored in batteries and can be used during night time. A backup generator included in the system makes sure you don’t lose power even if you use all the stored energy.

Why should you go Off-grid?

With an off-grid solar system you can backup energy even in the most rural areas. Our off-grid systems are well advanced to generate your own sustainable energy. Above all, they have been custom designed to ensure maximum power generation and reliability.

Here is the list of places where off-grid solar systems are ideal for: Home, Holiday Homes, Garages, Camp Sites, Caravan Homes, Cabins and even Offices. It is particularly a great alternative in rural areas where there are poor network infrastructures and frequent blackouts and unreliable power.

best commercial solar power installation

 Our team is committed to give you best Engineering design and timely delivery. Further, Well documented factory acceptance test report and post installation services is our guaranteed support from Tanway Engineering. Off- grid solar systems are basically stand-alone solar systems, where the system works independently and the consumer is not connected to any utility’s power system. Or in other words, in the off-grid solar system, all power comes from onsite solar panels, battery storage with Back-up Generator. Before buying an off-grid system, it is required to figure out the system size you want, which is based on your current electricity consumption. The cost of the system can vary depending on the Maximum demand.

SMA Sunny Island Systems:

  • Single Phase or Three phase setup with SI 8.0H inverters for system capacities from 6kW to 24kW Continuous Load.
  • Multi-cluster Sunny Island Three Phase systems from 24kW to 300kW

Victron Inverter/charger System:

  • Multiplus -II  3000 to 5000 kVA.
  • Quattro – 3000 to 15000 kVA.
  • Multiplus and Quattro inverters can be in parallel for 3 phase or split phase Setup.
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4/35 Austin Avenue,
Maddington, WA, 6109,


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