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1.Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Solar panels do self-clean based on the angle. It is recommended to clean between 1-2 years as dust and bird droppings may build up over time. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down or you can hose them down.

2.What do I do when my inverter is not working?

First, check power supply. If it is working, try turning off your inverter as per the shutdown procedure. Ensure the solar supply switch is in the “on” position. If these steps have not fixed the issue, please contact us or refer to your system’s online manual.

3.Solar power works at night?

Solar system will turn off at night as there is no sunlight during the time. During the day time, the solar panels charge batteries and store the energy for the night hours.

4.Residential solar system requires on-going maintenance?

Residential solar system does not require on-going maintenance. But it is important to keep the solar panels clean, which is a simple process can be completed on an annual basis.

5.Do I need an inverter for my solar system?

An inverter is indispensable to any solar system. Your solar power system will not work without a solar inverter. It is important to choose the right solar inverter for your system, which have a big impact on the system performance.

6.What happens on cloudy days?

During the cloudy days, if your system has installed a battery, energy that stored in the system can be drawn from it. If you system is on-grid and no battery installed to power your home, additional energy need to be purchased from the grid.

7.What is Grid-Connect system?

Grid connect system links a solar system into the public electricity grid. Solar energy from your solar panels feed into the public electricity and monitored through a smart meter. Your energy company will pay you for your energy contribution to the grid.

8.What is off-grid solar system?

This system works independently without connecting to public electricity grid, which is ideal for rural and remote areas. Off-grid solar systems include components like backup battery, inverter, panels etc. Battery stores the daylight energy from the solar system, enabling 24×7 solar power supply.

9.How do I know my house roof is suitable for solar panels?

Generally, north-facing roofs with minimal shade and enough space are ideal for installing solar panels in Australia.

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10.How do I determine the capacity of my system?

A 3kW system generates energy up to 18kWh per day on sunny days, which is suitable for most of the households’ daytime usage. To choose the capacity/size, it is important to check the electricity bills to see the daily average consumption and depending upon the examination, we recommend a system suitable for your home or business. Book an Appointment

11.Solar Installation does require a Council Permission?

No. generally you do not need planning permission from your local council.