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Everything You Need To Know About 13.2KW Solar System


Solar panel systems have become one of the most efficient and cost-saving options people choose for a sustainable lifestyle. 

The solar power system is the perfect way to light up your residential space with many options to choose from. 

A 13.2 kW solar system has gained popularity with features that make the residents feel secure installing them on the premises. 

Let’s read more about the 13.2 kW solar power systems and delve into the benefits of installing them. 

What is a 13.2 kW Solar System?

A grid-tie solar power system with capability to generate over 100kWh energy at 75% efficiently is known as a 13.2 kW solar system.

The monocrystalline solar panels encrusted on the systems offer them an ideal look and perfect finish. This makes them get installed rightly on almost all surfaces regardless of being tilted or flat. 

The 13.2 kW solar systems work efficiently during the hot times of the year since they need much sunlight and heat to suit the requirements of size and performance.

The system has high-grade built-in solar Photovoltaic ( PV) cells, which have the best sunlight-trapping characteristics, high energy conversion rates, and amazing durability. 

Being a performance giant, this solar power system yields high-end results compared to 10kW solar systems.

Consumers are largely shifting to this configuration of solar panels rapidly due to the subtle features and cost-effective measures. 

This solar panel system works great for a 1-4 person family that has a moderate energy consumption level. If you wish to reduce your electricity bill, 13.2 kW solar panels are the best solution you can have.

Major benefits of using a 13.2 kW solar system

One of the major benefits of using a 13.2 kW solar system is that it offers adequate power to meet the energy requirements of every household. 

This solar system is ideal for large households with high energy consumption rates. It lets you experience energy independence and minimize your dependence on conventional energy sources. 

The solar system can power all your home appliances, lighting, and electronics systems without any hassle of running out of energy. 

Another advantage of using this solar power system is that it is a sustainable source that lowers the carbon footprint with a focus on a greener planet. 

Choosing a solar system can help you emphasize a highly sustainable world with the least impact on the environment. 

It also consists of high-quality PV cells with good sunlight, capturing features, high energy, conversion rates, and durable service life.

This is the best solution for large homes, is affordable and includes a solar panel and inverter system.

How many panels contribute to a 13.2 kW solar system?

The number of panels you can safely and effectively install on the roof decides the size of your solar panel system. 

The large capacity system usually needs more panels or those panels which have high wattage rates. 

A 13.2 kW solar system with a battery would require approximately 30-36 panels of 370W. 

This can also vary based on the orientation and tilt of the solar panels, the climate conditions, and the possible obstructions present around them.

How much electricity can I expect to generate using a 13.2 kW solar system?

The amount of electricity that a 13.2 kW solar system generates can differ based on several factors.

This can vary based on the solar panels’ locations, the extent of sunlight accessible, and the solar panel efficiency.

But, discussing an average value, a 13.2 kW solar system with a battery can produce almost 55 to 65 kWh of electricity every day.

It is essential to remember that the energy solar power system can generate also relies on factors like the duration of the day, fluctuations, and the solar panel shading if any.

What are the total savings on a 13.2 kW solar power system?

This solar power system undoubtedly helps you minimize your electricity bills. However, it depends on the factors discussed above and above all the performance of the solar panels installed.

As soon as the great connection setup begins, it would let you earn for yourself and would pay back greatly for the system.

For instance, consider the average daily production of this power system to be about 24 kW, assuming you pay somewhere about 25 to 30 C for the energy you consume from the grid. 

In such a system, you can save almost 7 dollars every day. This is how you can save on costs with a 13.2 kW power system.


A 13.2 kilowatts solar system is a great option for residential spaces and commercial spaces with high energy consumption. 

If you own a suburban home, an industrial property, a commercial unit, a warehouse, etc., this solar panel system will meet your energy consumption and saving needs. 

While these power systems are right for everyone, you need to consider the factors that affect the power output, geographical climatic fluctuations, and the space available for the installation of systems. 

If you are looking for a 13.2 kW solar power installation in Perth, it is recommended to work with the leading solar installer. 

The right installers make sure the system gets installed correctly and suits all the safety and performance standards as expected.