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Solar for Small Businesses! How does your small business benefit by installing solar systems?

As a small business owner, a big part of your expenditure is buying electrical energy. Apart from the cost, there is a rate fluctuation that occurs from time to time, the fact that it is highly unreliable considering the number of power cuts brings us to power shortages disrupting your business altogether. This is why most businesses are switching to solar now, and here are 5 reasons why your small business should go solar now!

  • You are a green business!

Switching from commercial electrical energy to solar power gives your small business a “green” label, and you will be using an eco-friendly power source. This gives your business a great brand value and priority among your competitors and customers too. You can then market your business as a green business.

  • Sustainability

When you are running a green business, your business doesn’t just attain a green label and gain a higher monetary value but also become sustainable, in terms of energy production and usage. The installation of solar panel systems at your business place means that you choose alternative energy sources, that are independent of fossil fuel consumption, and are reducing pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and your carbon footprint. There is an option to transfer extra electrical energy to nearby homes or institutions and earn good returns.

  • Energy bills

The very first thing you will notice after installing solar panel systems on your business property is that you will be saving on your energy bills. When producing your own electrical energy, you are in total control of your energy usage which means you will be eliminating your business’s electricity bills.

  • Alternate Source of energy

In the near future at some point, fossil fuels are going to deplete, given the rate of our consumption. So, nation-states, big corporates, and even small businesses are looking for an alternate source of energy to future-proof their businesses for the upcoming eventuality. If you switch to a non-renewable source of energy such as solar power, your business is likely to be on the safer side.

  • Maintenance-Free, Long-Term Solution

If you think about solar power systems, you would definitely understand that it is a highly reliable source of electrical energy. It only needs occasional maintenance which is extremely cost-effective. It is likely, that you face power cuts due to maintenance or extreme weather conditions, from commercial energy sources, but with solar panel systems, you would have power whole year round. Since you’re very close to the source of energy there’s very little loss during transmission. In the long run, your small business will benefit a great deal from it.

Tanway Engineering, a clean energy council accredited installer, operating in Perth/Brisbane guides rooftop solar panel systems for Commercial/Residential/Business places. We visit your place to get an understanding of your surroundings and guide you in selecting the best fit equipment. Tanway Engineering provides photovoltaic solar systems with varying energy outputs that are suitable for your residence or home or business. If your small business is thinking of greener options, contact us now to know more! 

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